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May 19, 2015 "Thanks! Awesome business. The song sounds much better on my ears then it did before. I am absolutely about purchasing the full service." - Keith Blackburn (United States)


May 1, 2015 "Thanks a lot for the sample I got. I like what you have done with it. To my ears it sounds like the volume level is set better and the sound is clearer."- Simon Sigurdson Hjelle (Norway)

April 24, 2015 "Recomendamos!!!! Uma master sensacional com um preço honesto!!!"-"We recommend!!!! A Master sensational with a price honest!!!"- Top5Estudio (Brazilia)

April 9, 2015 "Thank you. I REALLY like your work. Really good!!! I liked the Demo A and would like to do the full track. Thank you once again!" - Carolina Monte / Top Five Producoes Artisticas Ltda. (Brazilia )


April 03, 2015 "Thanks you guys so much for the Demo versions. Sounds so freaking awesome as usual. God Bless." - Donte Fance (United States)

April 01, 2015 "I received your mastering, and I am very happy with your work. You did a brilliant job! Thank you! I prefer Version B. Thank you very much again!" - Volker Hugo (Germany)

March 28, 2015 "Beautiful work guys!! Thank you immensely!!" - John Eddy (United States)

March 24, 2015 "Игорь привет, все принял и прослушал,ожидания самые приятные! Огромное спасибо за качественный труд, теперь точно определился, мастеринг делаю только у вас и нигде больше! И по возможности буду вас рекомендовать всем. Очень рад нашему знакомству, думал после Субботина уже не найду такого мастера." - Юрий Дьяченко (Russia)


March 9, 2015 "Thanks to HotLine Mastering for mastering the new single. As soon as we get our stuff together expect a pretty spectacular visual." - KmaKze (Canada)

March 4, 2015 "Sounds Awesome guys! I would like to order all in once but I'm still finishing up two tracks. I have 3 Albums all together." - John Eddy (United States)

February 28, 2015 "Thank you very much! We are very grateful for your excellent work. But more than that, we are absolutely thrilled at how quickly you guys respond and cooperate. Your customer service is amazing. We are excited to see where these great tracks lead. Once again, thank you for everything. All the best!" - SAMUEL KAYLOR/CREATIVE DIRECTOR/HOPE CHURCH (Japan)

February 24, 2015 "Sounds great on the Headphones!! Can't wait 2 listen 2 it through the stereo!! Do U have a bulk-discount? I have a total of 240minutes needing Mastering. Thank U very much!!" - John Eddy (United States)

February 24, 2015 "Hey guys! My bandmates and I really liked your "master-demo" above other options. How much would it be for 12 tracks? Thank you very much!" - Christian Trapp /LOTO band (Uruguay)

February 20, 2015 "Hi! Today we listen your work with the band and we really enjoy it!"- LE PERFF Alexandre /Run Studio/ Geraldine Band (France)


February 1, 2015 "Love it! Great work my friends - is already bandcamp :)" - Dan Gschwind (Germany)


January 22, 2015 "DOPE MASTER! I definitely heard the difference. I'm gonna send more tracks to get it done. Thanks for the demo. You'll hear from us shortly." - TopWise Records (United States)


January 21, 2015 "Perfect thank you! You guys have amazing service!" - Thibagaran Karunathan / Thibz Se (Canada)

January 18, 2015 "Hi Hotline Mastering,I am happy with the 2nd Mastering demo that you sent. Sending you the slightly changed new mix and also the payment will be done along with. Regards!" - Jagoran Saikia (India)

January 15, 2015 "Hello! Thank you very much for your good work! See you soon!" - MC Vince (France)


January 1, 2015 "Hey team, I recently made a mastering order from you (Chayniq - Its too late), which I received a few hours ago and what you did was fantastic. Thank you!" - Duncan Tembo /Cre8tive Entertainment-TV/ (United Kingdom)


December 27, 2014 "Добрый день! Прошу прощения за длительный ответ! Мы долго слушали все и с других студий тоже. Мы пришли к выводу что нам понравился вариант "Б"! Мы бы хотели его, так сказать приобрести! Что для это нужно и как? :) Большое Вам Спасибо!" - Михаил Ваулин (Russia)


December 25, 2014 "Спасибо за классную профессиональную работу! За чуткое отношение к клиентам! Удачи и успехов в творчестве! С Новым годом, друзья! С уважением..." - Slavici & Yulia / Славич и Юлия (Russia)


December 15, 2014 "Здравствуйте ! - большое спасибо Компании "Hotline Mastering" - очень понравилась Ваша обработка моей песни , у меня тоже студийные мониторы и слышно все тонкости в обработке - музыка стала более мягкой , приятной на слух ,- буду , если что , к вам обращаться и знакомым посоветую , - ещё раз спасибо !!!" - Ищенко Сергей (Russia)


December 9, 2014 "Hey you guys are awesome !!! Just listen to it - flying around here - fantastic work PHAT !!! - Have headphones on and the floor is vibrating ... hahaha ... our bass player will freak out completely ... hahaha. Minimum 1 more song I´ll send you before christmas - thanks a lot my friends - have a great day!" - Dan Gschwind (Germany)


December 4, 2014 "THANK YOU so MUCH...the next year we go to record a new album ...i´ll contact you soon again. Best regards "Kenny y Los Electrcos"- KENNY Y LOS ELECTRICOS (Mexico)


Novemer 14, 2014 "I am happy with the Demo B that you send. I expect the final master within a couple of days as the production house is going to release it in this week itself."- Pogola Samaaj (India)


November 12, 2014 "Great job! I have a few more albums to work on over the next few months, I'll definitely be sending them your way. Thanks again!"- Nathan Q Nedeau (United States)

November 8, 2014 "Здравствуйте, мне понравились ваши демо версии мастеринга, скажите сколько будет стоить 6 треков (ЕР альбом)?" - Максим Терёхин (Russia)

November 5, 2014 "Добрый день, Хотлайн! :) Выбрал версию А :) Она тоньше, точнее, мощнее, "качает"... в ней точно поймана задумка по взаимодействию тембров. Спасибо большое! :) Скоро приду к Вам с новым заказом :) а насчет этого - пришлю ссылку с лейбла, где будет аудио и клип этой вещи"- Dart Hydra / Zephyr Nord (Russia)


October 30, 2014 "You guys are absolutely the best! I'm working with three independent artist and they each are getting all their beats from me, so next year you will get three albums to master"- Donte Fance (United States)


October 12, 2014 "Доброго дня! Спасибо за оперативную работу, все как всегда здорово! Спасибо!" - Sergey Khoroshikh (Russia)

October 9, 2014 "Hi, great job!" - Giovanni Gasparini / Sound Clinic Studio (Italy)

October 4, 2014 "Thank you very much! Happy with the results, when I will need mastering again I will ONLY contact Hotline Mastering! I usually do it myself when mastering in WaveLab and iZotope Ozone 5, albeit my masters do not sound as good as yours... Thank you!" - Marek Stupka (Slovakia)


September 29, 2014 "Большое спасибо! Выбрали "Version B". Будем рады прдолжению нашего сотрудничества!" - Igor Karmazinov / Dobrolet Studio (Russia)


September 26, 2014 "...thanks alot Igor, we loved the track. Your master is really amazing, will contact you soon. We plan in mastering 10 songs."- Eddie Elektro Joe /...Buffering...Inc. (Puerto Rico)


September 25, 2014 "Hey thank you guys so much. I'm never using any other mastering service in my life. I sent the track off to NOMA Music out in Portland, Oregon. You are all so freaking awesome. Thanks and have a wonderful evening!"- Donte Fance (United States)


September 23, 2014 "Здравствуйте! Большое спасибо за мастеринг! Bсе отлично получилось: звук теплый, никакой лишней компрессии! Буду с удовольствием обращаться к вам! С уважением!" - Жовтун Валентин (Russia)


September 21, 2014 "Hi, I've received the demo, good good work! I have an album, total 8 songs. I prefer version B of your mastering. Thank you!"-Giovanni Gasparini / Soundclinic Records (Italy)


September 15, 2014 "Hello. I like Demo B the most. It sounds really good. I'm currently recording a 7 song ep and have 3 more songs to go. I'll definitely get back to you guys when I'm finished. Thank you very much!"- Michael Williams (United States)

September 9, 2014 "Здравствуйте, большое спасибо! Хорошо звучит, доведу по сведению и обращусь к Вам. С уважением"- Сергей Дедков (Russia)


September 4, 2014 "I really love the mastering :) I am working on a Ep at the moment so when that is finished i will need it to be mastered. Kind Regards" - Nathan Jennings (Ireland)


September 3, 2014 "Hello Guys! Thanks one more time for free preview! I really like the sound, I like version B the most, its very punchy and it has lot of energy. I love the sound very much. The band is playing better after your master:)" - Vladan Popovic (Serbia)


August 30, 2014 "HI again... I like your job. I will prepare the files according to you specifications and place my order on Monday"- Oliver Marquez (Spain)


August 29, 2014 "Hello! Thank you for the song! This has been an amazing job! Thank you again!!!" - Minas Pamboris (Cyprus)


August 23, 2014 "Thank you guys for fast response, great job as always! Our fav is ver 2. Best regards!"- Hamo Salihbegovic / Konvoj band (Bosnia and Herzegovina)


August 21, 2014 "Thanks...great work... I'm very pleased and I would like to hire you guys to master my entire album.... it should be ready in a few weeks and then I will place my order.."- DraMatiQue / Newborn Records (United States)


August 13, 2014 "I forgot to thank you guys for the last master "Main Attraction"...Great work!!! Sounds awesome!!!"- Bryan Rivera (United States)

August 12, 2014 "Благодарю вас!!! Все на высоте!!!!...Скоро отправлю вам альбом)))) Прекрасных дней!!!"- Volodya Dalyvan (Ukraine)

August 11, 2014 "I Just simply love Hotline Audio Mastering! this is the best company. They not only give you 2 Versions of each song, they promote you on Facebook and on their website. Also they let you get a free demo of your songs before you pay to get it mastered!" - Dante Fance (United States)

August 7, 2014 "ОГРОМНОЕ СПАСИБО!!! За качественную работу" - Азиз Абдушукуров (Kazakhstan)

August 6, 2014 "sounding very gud.... thanx" - Sarang Ahuja (India)


August 4, 2014 "Thats really good! I will work with u for a song two weeks later. Afterward the other songs." - Gokhan Butunler (Turkey)

July 28, 2014 "Just listened to it....sounds pretty good....combo of "Rush" and "Korn" or something....very interesting...." - David Marcus (United States)

July 15, 2014 "I will never trust any other Mastering team the way I trust Hotline Audio Mastering! Simply the best when it comes to cost and very time efficient." - Donte Fance (United States)


July 11, 2014 "Wow thank you for such a tremendous mastering. I'm looking forward to work with you." - Starlick Production (United Kingdom)


July 10 "I really love the work you guys do! Working on my next project, releasing my first one pretty soon, just waiting for the artwork to get finished!" - Donte Fance (United States)


July 2, 2014 "Hi, we like you've made a Demo A master and we decided to use your services. Thank you very much!" - Dominik Kopcsay / Mesial Band (Slovakia)

July 1, 2014 "Hey thanks!!!!! Great work. Will be doing more work with you in the future." - Bryan Rivera (United States


June 30, 2014 "Hello! We really enjoyed the three different Master Samples you sent back. Would love to have you master my entire album."- Penny Fortune band (Canada)


June 17, 2014 "Hi! Thanks, great work, as with the single before! Keep it up and we’ll be in touch for new stuff when recorded.." - Miloš Marković (Serbia)


June 14, 2014 "Hello, and thanks for sending me the demos! I enjoyed the mixes and would love for you to master the album in it's entirety." - Chuck Watkins (United States)

June 12, 2014 "Awesome!!! Thank you very much guys." - Malin Milanov (Bulgaria)


June 5, 2014 "I already hear the songs, sound amazing, I'm really happy, you job is very professional. You're right, my album sounds like the hits on the radio. Thanks for all the support, you are really good doing your job. Excellent sound and very professional..!"- Eddie Nava (Venezuela)


June 4, 2014 "Hey, thanks a lot !!! Beautiful mastering ! I´m very happy with it. You really did a good job ;-) Thanks for all ! ... all the best and take care!!!" - Dan Gschwind (Germany)


April 27, 2014 "Ребята спасибо Вам за хорошую работу!!! Нам все понравилось!"- Сергей Филипов (Russia)


April 23, 2014 "You guys are incredible! This sounds beyond phenomenal, thank you so much! Is there any sort of a review I can write on your website or anything? Definitely worth five stars!" - Sam Patton (United States)


April 20, 2014 "Thank you for your hard work, it sounds excellent- great job! I will be bringing all my mastering work your way"- Lassic / BeatScore Company (United States)

April 20, 2014 "Hello again Hotline crew, Happy to send you another track for Mastering!"- Kasey Rooksby (United States)

April 20, 2014 "Hi guys, as we have previously deal album is finished and ready for mastering. After a long lookup You are our final choice. Best regards!"-Konvoj band (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

April 16, 2014 "Perfect work!! Thanks for a awesome sound!!" - Юлия Чульжанова/"Состояние Аффекта"(Russia)

April 15, 2014 "Wow! I don't know what you did but this sounds great!!! Thank you!"- Nathan Kay Nakhmanovich (United States)

April 14, 2014 "Hello! We like the second variant, and will pay for it during some day. Thank u very much for a great job!" - Sergeo Filipov (Russia)



April 4, 2014 "Nice to hear to your mastering! Thank you!" - Stephan Hitzelberger / E-Studio Via Brasil (Brazilia)

March 29, 2014 "Thank you, love it! Amazing work."- Thibz Se. (Canada)


March 17, 2014 "Thanks, guys. I just made a short youtube video of a portion of this song and have added this song to my website. I have another song that I will send you hopefully this week. All the best!"- Rolf Pearson (United States)


March 13, 2014 "Thank you guys for your prompt response and the two demos, excellent job. We will contact you when we finish recording the album for some two months. Best regards!"- Konvoj band

March 13, 2014 "Love it sounds great! Like to send you more and order those. Thanks!"-Steve Hodges (United Kingdom)


March 11, 2014 "Thank you! It sounds great!"- Alejandro Corrales (United Statets)

March 11, 2014 "Круто!:) Oчень классно звучит. Спасибо огромное!:)" - Anatoly Bulkin (Russia)

March 11, 2014 "Hi, I appreciate your work,the mastering is prefect. I'm really impressed so i will upload many more tracks of mine soon..... Thank you! Regards"- Kay Praveen (India)

March 10, 2014 "I like the "Underpants from Pakistan" demo that you sent, and I would like to order the entire track. Thanks!"- Rolf Pearson (United States)

March 7, 2014 "Great!!!! WOW!!! We complete the recording in summer, and will send the full album to you, because your music quality is GREAT! BIG! Thank you from Slovakia :)"- Róbert Šimko/ Massriot Band (Slovakia)

March 3, 2014 "Hi! Thank you. I'll contact you on next days. We decide to work with you. All the best!" - Michele 'Matt' Biondi (Italy)

March 2, 2014 "Hello Igor..... Sounded pretty good.... I'll send you the final mix next week for mastering.... Thanks..." - Dj Janus (Cyprus)


February 26, 2014 "Hi friends, my next project is in the last days of mixing. The mastering will be your job, there are 12 tracks of different styles of Brazilian Music. Coming soon!"-Stephan Hitzelberger (Brazil)

February 24, 2014 "Спасибо! Стало действительно круче! Думаем о мастеринге альбома"- Юрий Горлов (Russia)

Februaey 22, 2014 "Good job on the mastering guys. I'll be working with you in the very near future. Thanks!" -Yanik M


February 15, 2014 "I'm pretty Impressed. It beat out - MY MASTERING And The other one I paid for and one other free Demo Mastering. THanks a lot!" - Kasey Rooksby (ROOX) / Canadian Producer/Dj (Canada)


February 12, 2014 "Thanks so much for the free mastering sample, it sounds really good. You did a great job, I'm in the process of leasing my beats and making a budget for mastering, I will keep in touch." - Alex "Gencade" (United States)

February 8, 2014 "Thank you so much for the great mastering of our "Psi Club" album! The tracks sound really awesome and we are very happy with the result!" - Matthias Hartmann (Germany)

February 6, 2014 "Hi Dears. Tracks sounds amazing. Thanks for 2 versions. I could chose what i liked more. Every thing that i liked. Thanks for all" - Gurban Abbasli (Azerbaijan)

January 31, 2014 "Спасибо большое за демо,очень класно! Я думаю мы будем очень плотно работать. В данный момент готовлю два проэкта(альбома) к вам на мастер."- Миша Монинец / Moda Records (Ukraine)

January 30, 2014 "Thank you so much for the demo! We really like it! It rocks!!! We want to have our whole album mastered by you in the same way the demo song (Moonboy) has been mastered."- Matthias Hartmann (Germany)


January 6, 2014 "Dude my tracks sound SuperAwesomeSweetFantastic, thank you for the excellent quality!"-Donte Fance (United States)


January 3, 2014 "Thanks HotLine Mastering for mastering both our CD, all you bands out there should check them out."-Odds Against band (United States)


December 12, 2013 "Здравствуйте! Огромное спасибо вам за проделанную работу! Вы как всегда на высоте! Спасибо за то что помогаете нам делать свою мечту ближе! С наступающим Новым Годом!"- KATANA band (Russia)


December 8, 2013 "I am pleased to write to you today to tell you that your work is very appreciated in France. Thank you very much for the good work you have done. I recontacterais to my album ..."- Michel Dangain/Auteur, Compositeur, Arrangeur, Interprète/(France)


December 5, 2013 "Cпасибо вам огромное....очень здорово!! Hадеюсь на дальнейшее сотрудничество))) Xороших дней!" - Володя Дальван (Ukraine)


November 27, 2013 "Hey guys I really liked the work you did with my track! I will send you the new version of the track soon! Thanks for your excellent job!!"- Olivier Hamelin (Canada)


November 21, 2013 "Thanks very much Igor. You guys always deliver the quality !"- Juni Iwasaki / Without Sacrifice (United States)


November 9, 2013 "Здравствуйте! Я опять хочу обратиться к вам. Практика показывает, что вы – вне конкуренции. С нетерпением буду ждать. Сделайте так, чтоб динамики рвало! :)"- Alexander Safronov (Russia)


November 7, 2013 "Thank you guys! Very nice job! I hope we make more creatives in future!"- Maxim Ozerov (Russia)


November 5, 2013 "Cпасибо за демо! Отличная работа. B ближайшее время мы обратимся к вам за мастерингом. Всего доброго!"- Виктор Колб / Антонимы (Russia)


November 1, 2013 "Thank you again! I can describe your service in three words: professional, quality and super-fast. We will be definitely working in the future! Tomorrow we will release a video of the song you mastered and I will send you a link"- Mirza Duran (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

October 30, 2013 "Hello! Thank you for sending files. The job is done very well. Best regards!"-Piotr Patrzalek (Poland)


October 25, 2013 "Wow, the masters sound great! Thank you!""- Adam Rothrock (United States)


October 22, 2013 "We very much enjoyed the 2 demos of "Gotta Problem" that was sent to you from the Lappes. We would like to have our tracks mastered by you as soon as we can get it!"- The Lappes band (United States)


October 05, 2013 "I just got the master of DanceWithMe. It sounds really awesome!"- Marcel Humes / M Development (United States)

October 03, 2013 "Thank you very much for the amasing work! I like it very much."- Marc Sprecher (Switzerland)


September 23, 2013 "Добрейшего времени суток! Спасибо вам огромное за проделанную работу! Всегда приятно сотрудничать с профессионалами!"- Sergeo Alimanov (Russia)


September 19, 2013 "Hello! Nice work. We really like it. Can we use Your company's name on our CD? (mention that You did the mastering) Thank You!"- Valters Levins / B Optimist (Latvia)


September 12, 2013 "Hi friends, the Master of the four songs, everbody likes. Next this singer will record a full Cd and you will have some work new. There ist another Studio that will enter in contact, friends of mine, Ronaldo and Rodrigo ,RR Studios , till our next meeting!Thank a lot!"-Stephan - Recife (Brazil)


September 9, 2013 "wow...sounds a lott more crisp than my mix...i will be having y'all master our whole album when im done mixing down the songs."- Mike Golden / Donald Risley (United States)


September 8, 2013 "Hello! We are very satisfied with the result, therefore we will finish all the songs, collect money and then send you the whole album. Thank you!"- Valters Levins / B Optimist band (Latvia)


September 5, 2013 "Спасибо большое все классно, все понравилось!"- Arthur Little (Kazakhstan)


September 2, 2013 "Спасибо вам за хороший мастеринг, будем постоянно к Вам обращаться!))"- Panda Records (Russia)


September 1, 2013 "I listened to the 2 demo versions. All 2 are superior to our previous master. As a personal favorite, I liked demo no1. Like I said in the message when I uploaded the mix, this month I will send you our next single. Thanks for a great job and I'll be in touch as soon as we have the mix."- Byga (Romania)


August 29, 2013 "Привет!) спасибо за отличную работу, вы просто красавцы ребята!) Мне больше всего понравился второй вариант, и панч есть и давление. В общем, однозначно буду работать с вами."- Fima Malkis / Malkis Music (Latvia)


August 28, 2013 "Thanks a lot! The next CD will be, certainly , mastered with you ,too I hope this year yet..."- Stephan Hitzelberger producer / Estúdio Via Brasil (Brasilia)


August 26, 2013 "Thanks for a killer job on the masters!"- Orus F. Patterson IV / Dirtlab Studios (United States)


August 25, 2013 "HI... you already have my track...did a great job on sample..like the second sample more than anything... "-"TJ" / Soultressmusic (United States)


August 24, 2013 "Hi.. great job I want the demo 2. Send me instructions on how to pay. Thanks!!!!" - Harri Dim /Charis Dimitriou (Greece)


August 19, 2013 "Thank you very much for completing these so quickly, they really sound amazing! I appreciate your time, and once again the job you did was brilliant. I'll definitely be using you for future tracks. Thanks!"- Matthew Mac Hugh (United Kingdom)

August 16, 2013 "Большое Спасибо! Очень понравилась Ваша работа, особенно второй вариант. Как мне теперь сделать Вам заказ и могу ли я оплатить Вашу работу картой Visa? Буду обращаться и дальше, по мере создания новых песен."- Олег Молчан (Белоруссия)

August 14, 2013 "Все получила! Все нравится! Просто супер спасибо вам! Огромное человеческое спасибо!"- Anastasia Bykova (United States)


August 9, 2013 "Thank you very much.I love it! Looking forward to work with you in the future."- Dmytro Kovalenko (Ukraine)


July 26, 2013 "Здравствуйте! Отличная работа, наши ожидания оправданы полностью. Спасибо за классный мастер, оперативность и понимание! Приятно с Вами работать!"- Maks Samusevich (Russia)

July 24, 2013 "Hello team! Our client is really satisfied with the second version of your work. Great! Thank you!" - Run Studio (France)


July 15, 2013 "I've received previews from about five different services from all over the world, but you guys definitely did the best job - especially your warmth and how loud you managed to keep the volume
of the song (No One's Gonna Stop You - Bunkerstruck) without distorting the whole sound."
- Stig Nyeng / Bunkerstruck (Denmark)


July 11, 2013 "Thank you very much! Everything is perfect, we are totally satisfied with your fast and high-quality work! It was nice to collaborate with you."- Sky Fades Away band (Russia)


June 26, 2013 "Great work on the mix :) The master it sounds perfect! Regards!"- Shkumbin Ismaili / Dodona Production (Macedonia)


June 20, 2013 "I listen to the whole thing right thru. And Ive listen to this album a million times so..
Im Very Proud of yall. Yall keep it up and I will be back with more music!"
- Errol AKA Shamba (United States)


June 18, 2013 "Great work on the demo i'd sent. I love you guys and im looking forward to work with you soon. Keep up the good work!"- Karan Varyani (United States)


June 13, 2013 "Thank you for mastering the trial. Im really impressed and im looking forward to get in touch with you on my next EP. Thank you so much!"- DJ Kruz (United States)


June 07, 2013 "Sounds legit! You made it have a full and brighter sound! I'll be hittin y'all up for the next one too!"- Macho Mic (United States)


June 06, 2013 "Thanks guys, we're very happy with it! Going with Version 1. Will recommend you and order again!"- Tim Raupach (Germany)


May 27, 2013 "Nuestro CD ha sido masterizado en Nueva York por Hotline Audio Mastering. Fantastico trabajo! Nice work! Thanks!"- ROJO NIEVE (Spain)


May 24, 2013 "Fantastic work on the Shyner Wichita project guys. You did it again. Amazing!"- Mike Oz Osborn / Shyner Band (United States)


May 22, 2013 "Thank you guys so much for the great work!!"- Jeffrey Jacob Lubin / Jeff Jacobs Band (United States)


May 15, 2013 "Thank you so much. Its realy great:)"- Peter Sihelsky / Buymore band (Slovakia)


May 6, 2013 "Good work guys!!! Thank you verry MUCH ;)" - Alexander Stadler (Germany)


April 26, 2013 "It's only to tell you and thank your nice work.Next time we record the next CD, be sure we'll be back again with you! Thanks!!!!" - Ruben / Rojonieve Band (Spain)


April 24, 2013 "Thank you for well-done work! We are satisfied with the result."- "Right Foot Fantastique" band (Russia)


April 22, 2013 "Thanks for the great work on my last track (show me what love is)"- Jeppe Budolfsen (Denmark)


April 19, 2013 "Hello guys, I received all files. Amazing job, it sounds GREAT! I'm totally satisfied! You're the best! Greetings from Italy!"- Cristina Casella (Italy)


April 15, 2013 "We've just been hearing hearing all song and they look awesome. We like a lot. Everything sounds better and we're very happy with the result."- Ruben Saez Lopez / RojoNieve (Spain)


April 13, 2013 "Hello professionals.Thank you for the quality of my master track, the sound transformed.Thank you again. I hope for further cooperation!"- Oleg Eremenko (Russia)


April 9, 2013 "Hi there, thank you very much, this is a great master!"- Daniel Froeba (German)


March 31, 2013 "Thanks!!! It's real great job!!!!! We like it!"- Anton Tazhun & StarLite Band (Russia)


March 25, 2013 "Now we are working with English mixer&master engineer and got the great doubts that the master could be as we wish. It is totally lost the low end so seems we will reject their help and order it to you."- Metacode band (Russia)


March 16, 2013 "Guys, you have done a good job! We will be mastering all our next releases by Hotline Mastering."- Tangi Ltd.(United Kingdom)


March 3, 2013 "Thank you very much! Great sound!" - Stafford Bridge band (Russia)


February 07, 2013 "Shout out from the Czech Republic guys! Great job on my sample!!!"- Branimir Dimov (Czech Republic)


February 05, 2013 "Hello Guys! My song "E se...io mi", mastered by Igor at Hotline Mastering, is played on an important italian radio station! Thanks!!!" - Cristina Casella (Italy)


February 05, 2013 "Hey there, i need mastering for my new track this is the second time i use your service you guys do amazing joob by the way thanx :)" - Mor Roziyo (Israel)


February 04, 2013 "Great master, guys, clean and powerful!!!" - Francesco Mattei (Italy)


February 01, 2013 "Thanks a lot. The second version - was pleasant to Demo #2. During 2х weeks I will send you an album." - Pavel Dovgal / Monoclockmusic (Russia)


January 30, 2013 "U' guys are superb and dedicated.. " - Fadily Hamdan (Malaysia)


January 27, 2013 "Great job on my sample !! I want to do business with you." - Flip Dansyell (Canada)


January 20, 2013 "Nice! We love it! Very Clean & Tighten Master! Brilliant Work!"- Patrik Hupe (Germany)


January 17, 2013 "Great job, we are very satisfied, Greetings!!!!-"Empty Rock" band (Mexico)


December 28, 2012 "Thanks for the demo, a really good job!!!!
We will end up album mixing the first days of January. Thanks again!
"- Giovanni Toscano (Italy)


December 18, 2012 "Great job with the demo master! I will definitely be using your service in the future. Thanks again!"- Brian O'Mahoney (United States)


December 14, 2012 "Thanks a lot for the nice work. I could download the files without any trouble.
Hopefully we can work again in the future. Best wishes!
"- Hyun-Ha KIM / BJB (Japan)


December 10, 2012 "Good afternoon guys, I got the job, thank you very much for everything ... "- Manu Sojar / Angel Rojas (Venezuela)


December 06, 2012 "Thank you!!! All perfect :) Wait for next one.." - Oleg Skrypka / Kraina Mriy Record Label (Ukraine)


November 28, 2012 "Thank you! Sound is awesome! Hope to work with you again! If you will be in Russia, we will share some vodka and caviar with you))) Best wishes!"- Fox Mulder Music (Russia)


November 26, 2012 "Hi guys! We've got the order. All versions sound amazing. The artists are happy. It was quick ITB mix (through RME Total mix), but you made it quite professional one. We've chosen 3'rd version. Thank you! Hope to make the music with your again!"- Shamil Gainetdinov (Russia)


November 23, 2012 "Thank you for your demo! I like the sound, just the songs will be finished we will arrange for mastering. Thanks"- Luca Vota (Italy)


November 20, 2012 "Hi there i got the two versions of the masters back both sound great. Track was Loc'd Groove Vs Cobra Starship. Great job sounds crispy and thick love it. Thanks"- "Abstract Parkes" (United States)


November 10, 2012 "Thank you all so much! You did a fabulous job as it all sounds great! Is it ok if I put your website inside the CD booklet?"- Aaron Boyette (United States)


November 5, 2012 "Thank you very much! Love the mastering.."- Avshalom Ariel (Israel)


November 3, 2012 "Thanks guys! Very good sound! Best Regards!"- Carlos Cervilla Murillo (Spain)


November 1, 2012 "Vse polychil, vse zdorovo. Spasibo za vashy paboty! S yvajeniem"- Maxim Gubin (Russia)


October 29, 2012 "Hey Guys! To be honest, the more pieces you do for me the harder it gets to say some fresh and nice things about it :) Perfect, awesome, gave me goosbumps and the list could go on. After the composing/mixing process I almost always get tired of my own songs and you always manage to make me appreciate/love them again :)"- Thomas-Adam Habuda (Hungary)


October 26, 2012 "Hey! thanks so much !!! you guys did a really good job! you know who ill go to for future tracks ;)! Thanks"- Jeremy Peter (Canada)


October 15, 2012 "How are you all, Our film MUTHUNAGARAM wil be realised in a couple of weeks. We are all very happy with your audio mastering. In recognicion of your work My producer would like to show your company name & logo in our film credi-titles. kindly send me the Logo in a sutipable formate. THANKING YOU" - Sahaya Selvadhas (India)


September 25, 2012 "Always worth the wait, and I got it earlier than expected. Thanks yet once again for excellent work!"- Tom Mann (United States)


September 20, 2012 "Hi ,i have downloaded and listen the versions it's perfect ,thanks for your work !!! see  you! " - Farid Assaoui (France)


September 12, 2012 "Thank you, sounds very good... We are pleased!!! Look forward to future projects." -Kenneth Sparks II (United States)


August 30, 2012 "Very impressed with the song you just mastered for me. HotLine will definitely be doing  my cd. Thanks for the professionalism and quick turnaround."- Tom, MaddMann1969 (United States)


August 10, 2012 "I liked a lot your work, battery power, the sound very clean and powerful."- Angel Manuel Rojas Bueno (Venezuela)


August 5, 2012 "Hello perfect I love it..!"-Errico Fagnani (Mexico)


July 27, 2012  "Igor, very nice job on the songs, you really brought them to life!  I hope to get some more songs done for my next EP in the near future, I'll be in touch." - Rick May (United States)


July 10, 2012  "Great News! 'The Freak Inside' album is being remastered at a New York based studio (Hotline Mastering) at the moment, and the guys there are simply Amazing. I never thought the pieces could sound this much better."- Thomas-Adam Habuda - Media Music Factory (Hungary)


July 8, 2012 "Thanks so much. Excellent job as usual!"- Akil Wingate (United States)


July 3, 2012 "Thank you so much ) Perfect!!!"- Two Cats band (Russia)


June 24, 2012 "We'll be working agian soon. Thanks agian for the great job."- Anthony Catacoli (Italy)


June 20, 2012 "Hi, Very impressed with your masstering! I send you 12 songs for mastering."- Alex Roshen (Ukraine)


June 17, 2012  "Hey you guys did a great job on the one track you mastered for me"- P.C. Beats (United States)


June 14, 2012  "Wow thank you so much, it sounds GREAT! Exactly how I wanted it :) Thanks again for the fast and amazing work" - Thomas-Adam Habuda (Hungary)


June 10, 2012  "Hi, guys! Finally the music video for my first single 'Soniye' has launched worldwide and reached B4U, BritAsia and MTV India! I would like to say thanks for YOUR support on my album, work and project 'Scandinasian' which will reach the world in end july! Thanks a lot:) - Bobby B (United States / India)


June 7, 2012   "Wow!!! Thank you very much for your time and effort, I'mincredibly happy with your work and how CD sounds!!!! And extra thanks for the extra version of the mastering. I would like to send you a copy of the CD when its finished. Thanks again for everything and for making the music sound great!!! - Alejandro Erdmenger (Guatemala)


June 1, 2012  "Very nice job!" - Igor Sapoff (United States)


May 30, 2012  "Hey Hotline Masters! It's been a while since we got ou mastered album from you. I want to thank you very much for your great work on it. It sounds very nice. The CD will be released on june 15th,watch out! Greetings from Switzerland" - Reto Vogt / Royal Flush (Switzerland)


May 28, 2012  "You guys are great! You paid attention to what my song needed to make it sound the best it can be. That's not always easy for a hard rock instrumental with a lot of different sounding parts. Awesome job. Thank you!" - Tibor Held (United States)


May 22, 2012  "Perfect guys!!!! Nice job... "- Emmanuel Miranda Audio Engineer/Music Producer at Soundtrack (Brazil)


May 15, 2012  "Hotline Audio Mastering did an excellent job of mastering my forthcoming album. Unbelievably affordable for the quality sound that you receive in return. Their customer service is above and beyond amazing as well." - Lovari, Recording Artist / SAG-AFTRA Actor (United States)


May 8, 2012  "Hello! Thank you for the demos. Actually i love them both. It's a fully professional sound. I'll just show the versions to the guys and i hope we will place an order in the next few days. "- Shamil Gainetdinov (Russia)


May 4, 2012  "We also thank HotLine Audio Mastering studio from New York for excellent mastering."- Jam Ritual band (Croatia)


May 2, 2012  "Hello, i am writting you again about the Mastering of the song El Malecon. We heard from 5 different mastering studios and decided to do the cd whith you guys, we are goint to put out first this song because it is the single of the album and later we will send you the whole album. Thanks for your time, and i am really happy that we are going to work with you!"- Alejandro Erdmenger A. (Guatemala)


April 26, 2012 "All I can say is......WOW!!!! Sounds AWESOME!! Wonderful work from Terra's Verdict, Dirtlab Studios and Hotline Mastering. LOVE IT."- Meg Patterson /Terra's Verdict band (United States)


April 25, 2012  "Hey, thank you very much for the demos! it sounds really good. No comparison to my mastering attempt.. :) I've paid the money now, looking forward to hear the other tracks."- Royal Flush/Reto Vodt (Switzerland)


April 22, 2012  "Hi, it sounds good!"- Jam Ritual band (Croatia)


April 20, 2012  "Wow! Thank you very much for the demos, i definitely liked your work! Thanks  for the two versions, so that we can listen to difrent versions of it, i realy hope that we can do the hole project with you. In the next few weeks i will be discusing it with the producer of the album and contact you back."- Alejandro Erdmenger A. (United States)


April 13, 2012  "We just find the time to listen your demo, and we really love it! Wicked! Really like to way you treated the sizzle on the bass drum."- Alexandre LE PERFF / Run Studio (France)


April 12, 2012  "Bangout and I are very pleased with your work very professional on time ! I like how u did everything correct with sending all different types of the master how it is supposed to be done ! we wil be moving forward  with you guys on more projects ! "- Jeremiah Silva (United States)


April 9, 2012 " Hotline Audio Mastering are professional grade mastering at insane pricing, Great Job on the Conception of Being Tracks"- Dirtlab Studios (United States)


April 7, 2012 "Wow! The tone become MUCH better! You a really the Wizard! I compared it with reference tracks."Alexander Ospanov (Russia)


April 4, 2012  " Been listening to some of your stuff, brilliant."Brandon Distel Been (United States)


March 29, 2012 "Thank you - and version 1 is definitely the way we want to go! Great job!" - George Colavecchio/Cecilia Lauren and the Ocoee River Band (United States)


March 24, 2012 "I just listen to the album and its sounds great. This is my second album you have mastered and I'm loving the quality. Thanks again.... Will keep in touch. peaceeee" Charlie Brown (United States)


March 21, 2012 "We have our mini album/EP finished, thanks for the mastering! We will be back :)" Alexander van der Werff (Netherlands)


March 18, 2012 "Thank you very much! We loved new sound of our track! Plesae help us: how to pay for full made track?" - Kinst! (Russia)


March 10, 2012 "Hello! Thank you so much, I really liked your sound! Thank you!" Alexander Karetcky (Russia)


March 1, 2012  "Thank you, I really enjoyed to work with you. Quick and efficient. See you on the next track."- LE PERFF Alexandre/Run Studio (Ile de la Reunion/France)


February 26, 2012  "Your mastering is too nice,its lyk tea to your ears..." - Sbusiso Trebleclif Blesng (KwaZulu-Natal)


February 24, 2012  "Dude. You did awesome. And trust me, ill make sure everyone knows we recorded at an awesome studio AND a badass mastering company made it sound as amazing as it did!!" - Cody Ideclarewar Rishel / The First To Fall band (United States)


February 22, 2012  "You guys did a great job on the masters! Thanks I will recommend you to all my clients from now on..." - Orus Patterson / Dirtlab Studios (United States)


February 20, 2012  "Once again thanks following tracks we will do at you!" - Alex Dmitriev (Uzbekistan)


February 17, 2012  "Thank you so much for working on the tracks! they sound awesome!"Alixa / Climbing PoeTree Booking (United States)


February 14, 2012  "Ok cool sounds great... I like you guys work. I'm a producer and I have been trying to find a mastering company to send my work through. I think I found them..." - W. Marcus Bevans ~ C.E.O. (United States)




February  5, 2012  "LOVE IT! Thanks so much! We'll def send the project out to u guys as soon as its done."-producer Terence Sookbir (United States)


February  2, 2012  "Great job :-) Thanks a lot, It's not the last time you're cutting tracks for me :-).."- Tony Tomas / Portamas (Norway)


February  1, 2012  "Sounds awesome, that's how I judge. Great job. Your my man for everyone one of my releases..."- Rhyan Lotto


January 30, 2012  "Thanks for the masters! The ver.2 sounds perfect for me! Keep good work. Will come again with future releases ;-)"- Karl Vanden Bogaert track (Belgium)


January 28, 2012  "Hey, thanks for the great work!..."- Alexander van der Werff (Netherlands)


January 23, 2012  "Thank you i love it"- Sabrina Samarro / Keepvid company (United States)


January 20, 2012 " I love it!! Fantastic:) "- Dan Marcus Freij (United States)


January 18, 2012  "Thank you for your efforts. We are very happy."- Paul Henry (United Kingdom)


January 17, 2012  "We really love the sound after mastering! Thanks a lot! "- TRELLEBORG Band (Russia)


January 11, 2012  "I do all the mixing and editing. But for this album, I had it mastered by Hotline Audio Mastering. I had a bunch of different companies do samples and liked their mix the best."- Brandon Albright (United States)


January 6, 2012 "Thanks so much! Excellent job as usual"- Akil Wingate (United States)


January 1, 2012 "Thanks so much, you guys did a great job I love it, you all brought the track to life!"- Tynia Allen Clark / The Girlfriends Closet company (United States)


December 27, 2011 "Hello Igor! Thank you very much, everything is ok. You have done this very well. Really very well! I am really happy with this! "- Charles Widmer (Switzerland)


December 19, 2011 "Thank you so much! I love the new sound, it's fantastic!"- Cristina Casella (Italy)


December 16, 2011 "Nice job on my project guys!"- Gary Clontz  (United States)


December 15, 2011 "Many thanks to Hotline Audio Mastering for the fantastic mastering at 192 kHz"- " IXTHEIS" band (Greek)


December 14, 2011 "Hi, Igor! In one word: awesome! Sounds like a wall. Just love it!"-Simon Lichawski (France)


December 12, 2011 "All fine! We chosen the second version. Thank you!"-Kraina Mriy Record Label (Ukraine) about Nina Matvienko album


December 07, 2011  "Thank you very much, it sounds great... do you always give 2 versions? "- Bob Billy (Netherlands)


December 06, 2011 "The demo sounds very nice, definitely a big improvement over what was produced by the studio that I used to work with. I will play your demo in the car, on my iPod, etc. to check how the sound works under different conditions. But my first impression is that you followed my directions well and essentially managed to get the sound that I had in mind. I think the result is well-balanced and musical. I'm working on an album and I'm about half done. I will be in touch when the album is ready to be mastered."-Stephan Patterson (Canada)


December 01, 2011 "Thank you, received the masters, great work:)"- Alien Skin (Australia)


November 25, 2011 "You did a great job! All versions are fine."- Fotis Papastavrou (Greece)


November 24, 2011 "I received my files for my masters and the masters sound great!"- Akil Wingate (United States)


November 23, 2011 "I am Miles Pehde's(Purple Haze Studios) roommate, I really enjoy what you have done with our projects....cheers."- Grant Smith (United States)


November 23, 2011 "Nice job! Many thanks." Gary Blake (United Kingdom)


November 20, 2011 "Hi! Good job! I'll send you 2 tracks next week to master!" - Roman Bannov (Russia)

November 19, 2011 "Hi! Very thanks!!!!" - Dmitriy Zimin (Russia)


November 18, 2011 "...great work Igor!:)..." - Sandro Casali (Italy)


November 18, 2011 "Thanks for my last album order it sounded great  .....and i have one single track..." - Darian Lockhart (United States)


November 17, 2011  "Thank you very much. The quality is excellent.Thank you for your cooperation..."United Mind Club band (Russia)


November 13, 2011  "Thanks a lot Igor. Appreciate what you did for this one :) " - Trinity Daniels (Hood Klik) / On De' Grind enterprise company (Canada)


November 2, 2011  "I'm one of the member of our band , we liked the job thanks a lot."- Halil Kavaklipinar / Pal Sokagi Cocuklari Band (Istanbul, Turkey


November 1, 2011  "Thank U, guys! Now tracks sound exactly how they should! And they are ready for releasing." - Denis Leonovich (Russia)


November 1, 2011  "Thank you very much. It sounds great now :)" Marijus Bernotas (Lithuania)


October 27, 2011  "Thanks. Sounds great to me:) Best regards, Moonmate" - Artur Kyrychenko (Ukraine)


October 25, 2011   " Thanks Igor!! You did a Great job! Highly recommended!" - CUCUI band (United States)


October 23, 2011   "Hi! Thank you man, your work give us the "extra-punch" and clarity we needed!" - Luca &Sixty Miles Ahead (Italy)


October 21, 2011   "..thanks a million i appreciate the work u guys put in songs sound great we will b doin more business in the future...thanks again i will recommend ur work.."Adrian Maldonado / producer of "Saby Lo"  (United States)


October 18, 2011   "Excellent, thank you for a such a fast, efficient and good-value service.
 - Chris Carter (United Kingdom)


October 14, 2011   "Good job, guys! I`ve transfered the money for the track and waiting now for it" - Denis Leonovich (Russia)
October 10, 2011   "Thank you! *You guys rock* The song sounds great!"Greg Metcalf (United States)
"We just want to let you know that you did an incredible job on our CD. We can now compete with the big boys."
- Dear Departed (United States)
"Sounds like a million dollar recording...- about Dear Departed Album.
Grant Smith (United States)

"Hi. Thank you. The tracks sounds realy good and powereful..." - Dmitri Egregore (Denmark)


"Hey Guys!
Thank you so much! love the sound once again!! 8-) Can not wait to send you another record very soon..."
- DJ Warranty (United States)


"...awesome, worthy to note that you guys are efficient as all hell, =) You guys sure due have passion. I'll let you know tomorrow which one of the two i'm going with. Also, will be sending another track for you guys to master. I feel that it can be greatly improved if you guys master it..." -Telmo Miranda (Canada)


"Thank you so much! You guys are awesome. I will recommend u to all my friends in the music ministry..." -Abnel Albaladejo (United States)


"Dear HotLine Mastering Team, thank you very much for your service.I am very happy with the result and will contact you as soon as my new stuff is ready..." Marc Sprecher - AudioGold Productions (Switzerland)


"I have not thanked at all you. I am very contented with your work.
My basic material was rather of bad quality, you have there really
a small miracle accomplished. Many thanks for it. I like the bonus
material also very well-> more details, warmth, etc. I pleases me
already about the next tracks..." 
- Johannes Schumacher (Germany)


"Hope all is great with you. It was my pleasure to listen to Boojwazi & send 
comments. It's a really good project..." 
- Bruce Lowe producer (Stevie Wonder,
Elton John, Michael Jackson, Madonna)


"Hi the big team ! Thanks so much for your great work on my songs ! I love the sound, your sound !!!..."Kansas Of Elsass (France)